Parramatta Eels NRL HyGenie Sport Peak Performance Pack

Parramatta Eels NRL Mouthguard Cleaner Care Pack
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The HyGenie Sport® Parramatta Eels Bundle is the ultimate care system for your sports mouthguard.

Keeping your mouthguard clean, hygienic and protected helps maintain peak performance and keeps you COMBAT READY!


HyGenie SPORT +

50ml DentalFresh +

100ml QuickClean +

CAGE Mouthguard Carrier +

Club Pack


HyGenie SPORT - For dentures, nightguards, clear aligners, retainers and splints
- Use with DentalFresh for clean, hygienic, healthy dental appliances
- Protects appliances during and after cleaning
- Easy and fast, working in just 60 seconds
- Device lasts 2+ years, brushes last 6+ months with daily use
- Designed by Dental Professionals in Australia.

Dr Mark’s HyGenie, reusable soaking bath/travel pack and user guide.

DR MARK'S DENTALFRESH - 50ML Custom formulated for all types of dental appliances
- Attacks germs and bacteria in seconds
- Alcohol, bleach and paraben-free, safe for children
- Washes away biofilms and food particles
- Perfectly pH balanced at 5.5, ideal for dissolving calculous and plaque over time
- Contains peppermint oil for natural antibacterial action and minty freshness
- Formulated by Dental Professionals and made in Australia INCLUDES 50ml DentalFresh, flip-top easy squeeze tube, will last 7-8 months, doesn’t expire.

Hygine Sport Quick clean spray - 100mls - Mouthguard spray.

- Keep sports mouthguards clean, hygienic and minty fresh
- Spray on for an instant sanitising effect
- Fights off bacteria and nasties that collect your mouthguard
- Uses spearmint oil, a natural antimicrobial, smells great too
- Tough compact spray pump bottle
- Safe for children

CAGE Mouthguard Carrier

The world’s only patented sports mouthguard carry case
- Pop up design, fully ventilated, super strong
- Includes a logo carabiner clips to safely store the CAGE outside your sport bag
- Helps keep your mouthguard clean, protected and combat ready!
- Designed by Dental Professionals in Australia


HyGenie Sport ‘CAGE’ and team Carabiner.


Please note this does not include a mouthguard, it it a cleaning and care set only.

This is a licensed NRL product.


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